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I have recently started posting t shirts for sale in my Redbubble gallery. It’s not as easy to do as it is in my zazzle gallery, since I had to find, download, and learn how to use a new to me photo/image editing program. Interestingly enough I found the program because of an article on zazzle’s blog about free alternatives to Photoshop. Based on several recommendations there I decided to try out I had previously given some thought to trying out gimp, but was unsure of how to install it and get it to work on windows. So far I am enjoying, and with some patches available for download (the links are available in their forums), I have been able to do everything I have needed.
  I am still interested in getting my hands on one of those Correll paint pads I have heard so much about from other artists in artist magazine’s online art forums though. My one piece of digital art, Aeriel’s Gift, was really fun and exciting to do–but frustrating because doing any detail work was so painstakingly slow and difficult using a mouse. I would like to try doing more things like that in the future.

Here are the  t shirts I have for sale on redbubble so far. They are available on several different styles of  shirt as well as in multiple color choices.

9 X 12″ chalk on paper, 2009, by Dawna Morton. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Done entirely from memory in the space of about an hour, without referencing a photo, this large magenta colored flower sits on a moody background of expressive leaf shapes. in colors of green and purple, with hints of magenta, the foliage fans out around this striking flower like a burst of living flames.

Oil pastel crayon on paper, 9X12″ circa 1992. As Cinderella approaches the stairway to the castle, a glimpse of the prince at the ball is seen through a lighted window. Neither of them knowing what the future hold in store, it is a poignant moment filled with suspense and mystery.

Watercolor on paper, 9×12″, 2008. Along the borders of Gnat Creek Oregon a tiny white wildflower blooms in front of a rock, basking in the summer sunlight. I love the warmth of the sunlight on the mottled looking rock contrasted with the cool purplish shadows and the impressionistic background of lush vegetation.

  • Stargazer Lily in Pastel shirt by DlmtleArt
    Stargazer Lil…

    Oil pastel on paper, 9X12″, by Dawna Morton, 2009.
    Done entirely from memory without referencing a photo, this oil pastel drawing of a pink and white speckled stargazer lily on a brown background was completed in about an hour. the diagonal flow of this dynamic flower creates a vibrant energy.


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Over the 4th of July my family went fishing at Gnat Creek. My part of the fishing trip was, as usual to take lots and lots of reference photos 🙂 . I noticed some really tiny little white wildflowers next to a splotchy mottled rock. It was pretty in the sunlight. I took a couple of close up photos for use later.

A couple days ago I went to a friends house to have an “art day.” Although I did look at the photos briefly to refresh my memory, I chose to put them away and paint entirely from memory. This was much more fun than trying to paint photographically, freeing me up to be more creative and play with compositional changes.

I went with purple for the shadows, and an impressionistic green and purple background. A touch of yellow highlights and also some yellow to warm up the rock tie things together. I limited the palette to brown, purple, green, yellow, and white. The purple flowers in the background were added on a bit of a whim. (Yeah, I have a weakness for purple 😉 ) splattering in paint on different area of the wet rock to create the splotchy texture was really enjoyable too. The finished painting is 9×12″


Here are the reference photos. Notice the really interesting pattern on the rock. It makes a lovely background. I’m particularly fond of the close up shot. It has a good contrast between the warm tones of the rock and the cool colors of the flowers.



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All Rights Reserved. Do not Copy.

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