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Early Morning Sun Rays #14 print
The early morning sun illuminates the forest with it’s heavenly rays in this photograph. The delicate glow in the fog is interspersed with the shadows of the trees creating an ethereal effect..
Early Morning Sunrays # 7 print
Between a large cedar and n older ivy covered maple, a break in the trees showcases one tree with bare branches surrounded by fog illuminated by the early morning sun rays.
Early Morning Sunrays # 13 print

Between two trees overgrown with ivy, with one patch of  leaves translucent in the sun, the forest beckons in a foggy morning light.

Early Morning Sun Rays #8 print
A radiant display of early morning sunlight glows luminously withing the heart of the forest.



Early Morning Sun Rays #15 print

Delicate rays of sunlight  and shadow steam through this moss and ivy covered forest.

Rays of sunlight  and shadow steam through this moss and ivy covered forest.

As I mentioned in part 1, once I was satisfied with the photos I had taken of the sunburst through the trees, I then moved on to capture some of the more subtle effects of the sun rays on the forest.

I love how the sunbeams create a heavenly light in these pictures. Lighting really does make all the difference in the mood and feeling of a photograph. It can make an ordinary scene into something truly spectacular.

Notice how the focal point is not the forest, but the light itself. It seems to radiate a peace and joy and warmth as its radiant glow illuminates the forest. Soft and ethereal, the sunlight turns an ordinary forest scene into something truly glorious.

These images seem to beckon, inviting a quiet morning walk of tranquil reflection and spiritual reawakening.  Moments like these stir a desire to find the divine within us and to strive to attain a higher level of excellence. feeling at peace and harmony, we can then be rejuvenated and re-energized in our efforts to become better than we are.


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