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Algae Frond Macro

Algae Frond Macro

Taken while canoeing at Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum, Washington, in July 2008, this macro photo of an algae frond in the water resembles an abstract painting . I love the golden glints of sunlight in the ripples on the green  water’s surface over the glowing sunlit water plant below.

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Daisy Macro #1I have to admit that although I have owned my digital camera for more than 3 years, it was not until last month that I finally tried out the macro feature on it. I’m still learning to use it. The first several pictures were pretty blurry. It is also often disorienting trying to locate my desired focal point when focusing on such a tiny area. Daisies and red moth

The first time I tried it out I had a wiggly kid in hand, so those ones did not turn out, but I tried again at the park and managed to get some of those tiny daisies that grow in the grass.

There was a really pretty red moth flitting around that I wanted a close up of. I wanted one of it in mid flight, but had a hard time getting it in the view finder on close up that quickly. Finally it landed in the middle of a clump of miniature daisies for a while.

I also got some close up shots of some buttercups in the grass. I did have some difficulty getting the camera to focus on the flowers instead of the grass when I got up as close as i wanted.buttercup macro #1

I will need to spend more time practicing with this feature. It’s been fun so far. I’d like to be able to get even more close to the flowers than these ones.

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