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The other night for Family Home Evening when  one of my son’s was in charge of the activity he suggested we do this art activity. He is taking an art class at school, and they have been exploring textures in a project that involved rubbing a crayon over a textured surface, painting on top of that, and then tracing and cutting flower shapes out to glue on another paper. He was very excited to teach us how to do this. Here is the one I made:

red tulip by Dawna Morton
red tulip by Dawna Morton ~see it framed
This mixed media watercolor explores various textures with crayon rubbings, overlaid with a paper tulip cutout. The work was then painted in a loose impressionist style to give a light and airy feel like the tulip is glad of a little spring rain in the sunlight.

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All of the kids from the teenager right down to the toddler had fun doing this  (with a little supervision). On mine I used textures from the wall, ceiling, the heater, and a carving on our piano, while the kids had fun finding textures on the woven fabric of our computer chair, Legos, and various other bumpy surfaces around the house. Then we traced, cut,  and painted the flower shapes and glued them on another piece of paper. Although I textured and painted my background, a plain, colored piece of construction paper also works well as a background–especially if you want to get done sooner so you can get the kids in bed on time 😉  It may be fun to also just cut out shapes like squares, circles and rectangles and then arrange them into flower shapes on the paper (or fire trucks or whatever might be of interest to your own kids). Once I got the cut and paste stage, I realized I had made my flower too large for where I wanted to place it on the paper, and I had to trim it down a bit. Then after gluing down the tulip I quickly and lightly painted in a stem and some leaves using some colors to match the background, adding some stamens and pistols  to complete the composition and add to the feeling that the flower was  reaching for the spring rain to get a drink.  The next day I glued down the flower more securely and did a little touch up since I had been in too much of a rush to get it done before so I could whisk the kids to bed.

Perhaps later I’ll post the ones my kids made if that’s ok with them…

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