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Early Morning Sun Rays #18 print

Early Morning Sun Rays #18

As the early morning sun bursts through the trees, illuminating the forest with its heavenly glow, silhouettes of branches and leaves create a semblance of a stained glass window I love how the silhouettes of the forest trees and foliage in this photograph create a semblance of a stained glass window.

The Bright sunlight creates a high contrast photograph, almost like a black and white, except for the hint of green in the edges of the leaves and branches. There is also a small green sunspot followed by a larger red sunspot in the lower right corner.

The branch across the lower left corner resembles a fallen beam in an abbey of the ancient ruins of a ramshackle church. The warm glow of the sun speaks of hope, renewal, and restoration as it shines through the tangle of vines and branches.




Early Morning Sun Rays #19 print

Early Morning Sun Rays #19

The early morning sun beams its rays from the azure winter sky through the leafless maples to the cedars and forest below.

The sky is a pristine light blue with a hint of thin white clouds in the background. Darkened outlines of bare branches in the foreground and cedar trees in the background provide stark contrast with the early morning sun.

As the rays travel from the sun through the forest, several large sunspots a of lighter and darker red radiate from the sun. One small green sunspot floats like a small orb in the midst of the trees.



Early Morning Sunrays #26 print

Morning Sun Rays #26

The early morning sun bursts through the trees, radiating light through the dark forest. Ivy climbing the tree trunk becomes transparent as the sun shines through them.

The sun appears like a bright star floating in the midst of the forest as it shines through the translucent ivy on the trees. I love the warm coral half circle like a corona with sun rays streaming through it.

The air seems to sparkle with light and life as the green sunspot hovers like a remote star to the left of the sun, and the sun rays shine all around.

If you squint a little and look at it with eyes half shut and focus on the left of the photo, all the lighter areas where the blue sky peeks through the cedars look like a glimpse of stars in the galaxy surrounding the sun, or perhaps a white giant.


Early Morning Sun Rays #25 print

Early Morning Sun Rays #25

Brilliantly the sun beams it’s rays through the shadowy center of the forest, creating 4 red sunspots near the corners of the photo. Beyond is seen the blue and white of a cold winter sky silhouetted by the cedars and ivy covered maples.







Early Morning Sun Rays #28 print

Early Morning Sun Rays #28

The early morning sky is tranquil and blue, and the bare branches of the maples stalwartly await the coming of spring. The air seems to sizzle with energy as the sun’s rays stream through the forest ending in a burst of transparent red sunspots.

The sizzling effect is actually an optical illusion created by the wavy outline of the tree on the far left. When you look at it just right (look slightly to the right and don’t focus completely) it makes the sun Rays look as if they are wavy and dancing with energy.




Early Morning Sun Rays #31 print

Early Morning Sun Rays #31

Softly radiant, the sun illuminates the forest from the calm winter sky. A solitary maple seems to shelter and guide the young saplings encircled by the evergreen foliage of the cedars.

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