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My husband got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers this year for valentines day: stargazer lilies and purple irises. I took some pictures of them and had fun with the editing features in picassa3. A combination of softening the background, sharpening the foreground, adding a little extra glow, and in some cases also making it a focused black and white, or even bumping up the color saturation a little created some extraordinary effects. I really like how these turned out.

stargazer lilies #1 print
A clear glass vase of stargazer lilies on a light blond kitchen table. One pink and white speckled lily faces forward in sharp focus while the other blossoms recede softly into the muted background.
stargazer lilles #2 print

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A bunch of stargazer lilies and purple irises sets in a clear glass vase in front of a dark mahogany piano. One glowing pink and white speckled blossom stands out sharply against the softly focused background.

Focal black and white photo of a pink and white speckled stargazer lily in a clear glass vase.

A softly focused photo of a bouquet of stargazer lilies and purple irises arranged in front of a dark mahogany piano. two large pink and white speckled stargazer lilies form a diagonal arrangement in front of a softened background of purple irises fanned out across the back of an upright grand piano.

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