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The other day I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes, when the sun came out from behind a cloud and lit up the forest. Seeing it through the window, I  withstood the temptation to run grab my camera for awhile.after 5 or 10 minutes I ran out back figuring the light would not last much longer. I am glad I went out when I did Because I only had the opportunity for about 10 minutes or so and the light changed. The sun came out again for awhile later and I was able to go take pictures for another 10 minutes or so.

Autumn Sun Rays #1 print

The sun shines through the canopy of maple trees towering in the sky with leaves changing into brilliant autumn color.

Autumn Sun Rays #2 print

A golden array of fall foliage encircles the entryway to the forest beyond, resembling the face of a wood nymph with golden green locks of hair, as our vision is pulled deeper and deeper through the bright sunlit areas to the darkened recesses beyond.

Autumn Sun Rays #3 print

Bright sun rays create beautiful highlights among the bronze colored autumn foliage cascading down the slopes of a forested ravine.

Autumn Sun Rays #3 by dlmtleArt Poster printing From Zazzle Browse Forests Jungles Posters

Autumn Sun Rays #4 print

Columns of trees frame a view deeper in the forest of bronze colored autumn foliage ablaze with glowing sunlight.

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