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SING Redeeming Love!

SING Redeeming Love!

I am entering the painting SING Redeeming Love, Watercolor, 9×12 “, in the 8th International Art Competition sponsored by the Museum of Church History and Art. The theme for the competition this year  is “Remembering the Great Things of God,”and according to their website,”artists are encouraged to create works of art reflecting the theme and title of the exhibition…This theme is drawn from scriptures that teach the importance of acknowledging and remembering God’s works, promises, and covenants to His children. Artists can depict—but are not limited to—ideas, stories, people, places, doctrines, beliefs, scriptures, teachings, historical events, religious values, and Church, family, and individual experiences in Latter-day Saint life.”

In SING Redeeming Love, Missionaries sing a song of joy, love, and redemption as they seek to find wandering sheep in the desert. As lost sheep are found, they begin to feel joy as they enter the way. Those who remember the great mercy of the Savior for them are filled with the love of Christ, feeling compelled to sing redeeming love with joy that cannot be contained. They desire to share the Gospel of Christ with everyone, that they might also be filled with joy through the Redemption and love of Christ.

This also refers Alma 5:9, 26; 26:13 and is a reminder and an invitation to feel to”‘sing the song of redeeming love’ and mean it as much now as in any past year and as much tomorrow as today!” (Spencer W. Kimball, “‘The Uttermost Parts of the Earth’,” Ensign, Jul 1979, 2).

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Update (Dec 17th, 2008):

Today I got a form letter in the mail informing me that the jury  ” eliminated [my] piece from further consideration for the exhibit.”

It continues to say: ” About 1,100 works of art from all over the world were submitted for this competition but less than 20% of these can fit in the galleries where the exhibit will be installed. consequently, decisions by the jury were often very difficult.  Submitted works were frequently of high quality and a wide range of Latter-day Saint experiences and subjects were expressed.  As decisions were made, the jury considered criteria such as subject matter, quality, creativity, range of media, different styles, originality, and various cultural and regional approaches. Accepted works came from more than f0rty countries.  Where there have been certain themes popular among the artists and expressed multiple times, such as the Savior with children, the three-person jury had to choose fewer pieces and consider the wider range of subject matter for the exhibit.  The jury also tried to adhere closely to stated requirements of theme, size, date when the item was made, and usefulness to the Church in expressing its message. Unfortunately, many impressive works of art had to be turned away.”

While I am rather sad that my entry was not selected to be in the exhibit, I look forward to viewing the winners online starting March 21st 2009.


additional update:

I am looking for one of the elders in this painting on the right so I can show it to them ad see if I can get permission to sell this with their likeness in it. Nobody discusses things like modeling licenses in high school art class. Live and learn. Hopefully I can find them so I can do the right thing.

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