In my new endeavor, combining my artwork with the haiku poetry of Glennis Roper, Glennis has shared some really phenomenal poetry with me. She has a great sense of whit, and a knack for striking at the heart of the subject.

I love this one about how expensive postage has become:

Postage keeps rising!

Pony Express was cheaper!

Good thing planes fly fast.

When I was talking to her earlier this week she said that what prompted her to write this was that although many things have not increased much in price percentage-wise over the years, she remembers a time when it cost as little as 3 cents to mail a letter. That was a little before my time, but I do recall the time when 1st class mail was only 22 cents. Now it is double that, despite a things like a gallon of milk staying in the same approximate $2/gal range over the same approximate 20 year period.

Postage rate increase haiku by Glennis Roper, illustrated by Dawna Morton
Postage rate increase haiku by Glennis Roper, illustrated by Dawna Morton~see it framed

This haiku about postal rate increases by Glennis Roper is illustrated in a style reminiscent of a political cartoon. A little girl turns her piggy bank upside down and shakes it, peering inside for spare change next to a mailbox labeled with a dollar sign, while a pony express rider races a modern day jet plane past mountain ranges like a a graph of the ever increasing prices.

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Here is the sketch of the horse and rider without any of the other design elements…
pony express 2 by Dawna Morton
pony express 2 by Dawna Morton

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