Yesterday while looking through some of my images on, I realized I had neglected to create a poster out of this fabulous photograph of a yellow and black striped butterfly perched on the lilac bush in our back yard. Several years ago when there were some beautiful large butterflies flitting around the garden my Daughter insisted I snap a picture of one for her I chased that butterfly around the back yard for what seemed like hours with my daughter’s help keeping an eye on where it went until I could catch a decent photo of it holding still.

When I created this poster and some other items for sale out of this picture yesterday, I decided I’d better figure out exactly what kind of butterfly I had a picture of.  So after some sleuthing on the internet,  I learned that it is probably a Western Tiger Swallowtail (it could possibly be a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, they look very similar to me) . It was also interesting to learn that the Oregon swallowtail became the Oregon state insect in 1979. I learn all sorts of interesting things in the process of selling my photography 😉

update: Although i originally thought these flowers were lilacs, I have recently discovered they are actually the flowers of a butterfly bush.

Here are the poster, and some of the other items I have created using this marvelous photo:

Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on pink lilacs print

A strikingly beautiful yellow and black striped Western Tiger Swallowtail  sips nectar from pink lilac flowers. The softly focused green foliage of the lilac bush sets up a lovely background for this photograph.


Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on pink lilacs kedsshoe

On the toes and heels of these custom  shoes is a strikingly beautiful yellow Western Tiger Swallowtail with black stripes sipping nectar from a cluster of pink lilac flowers in front of a softly focused background of green foliage. The shoes’ sides are in a colorful fun floral print. Shown here with pink and yellow trim, slate green insole, and cream mid sole–this shoe also looks great with black soles.

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