Once the frame stained, it was time to secure everything in the back.  I went to the local art supply store and picked up some glazier points and some picture hanging supplies, then when I got them home I discovered a problem.  Because of how narrow the lighter strip of molding was, when the glazier points were pushed in place  they were still visible from the front of the frame. I tried chiseling way some of the wood in back and replacing the points, but this was difficult and not very effective for me.  However, placing the mat in front of the glazier point was much simpler and worked really well to solve the dilemma. The next time I do this I will look for wider molding, or just plan on putting the glazier points behind the mat from the beginning.
The remainder or the framing got put off for a long time after that because my staple gun was broken. Once I replaced that, it was a simple task  to secure the frame backing in place using staples  several inches apart that were left sticking up slightly (it just requires flipping the low/high switch on the staple gun).
Next the framing wire needed attached. The instructions on the one I bought suggested screwing some eyes (from a set of hook and eyes) into each side of the back of the frame and then tying the wire to them; however, because of how thin the molding was there was no room to do that. There was just barely enough room to attach the foam backing IF I pushed in and squished it with the staple gun as it was, so I just tied the wire to two of the staples instead. I think this will work because of how lightweight the frame and the plexiglass are. If It does not work I will have to think of something else. In the meantime I still need to decide where I want to hang it.

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