Cinderella’s Arrival by Dawna Morton

Cinderella's Arrival by Dawna Morton

Oil pastel crayon on paper, 9X12″ circa 1992. As Cinderella approaches the stairway to the castle, a glimpse of the prince at the ball is seen through a lighted window. Neither of them knowing what the future hold in store, it is a poignant moment filled with suspense and mystery.

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I have been thinking about posting this drawing for a while now. If I remember correctly this is back from my senior year in high school about 1992. My mom had bought me an art kit that had some oil pastels in it and I had never tried them before, so I tested it out with this drawing.  I love the air of suspense and mystery as Cinderella approaches the castle unseen and unknown by the prince. Although a slight glimpse of the prince is seen through the lighted window, it is not enough to truely understand who he is or what he is like–leaving him a figure shrouded in mystery.There are so many unknowns for them at this point in their story. They do not know if they will have their happily ever after, or if they will find true love. Perhaps they both ponder on these questions as they are so close to this momentous event in their lives, unseen and unknown and yet on the verge of seeing and becoming known. Who is this mysterious princess? And is the prince truly the man of her dreams? Will they truly have their happily ever after?

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