Sunrise over the Columbia River #1 by Dawna Morton

Sunrise over the Columbia River #1 by Dawna Morton

Looking from Rainier, Oregon across the Columbia river towards Washington is a spectacular view of bright sunlight shining on a layer of dark, moody clouds above a layer of golden morning sky. Beyond the silhouettes of evergreens and small town buildings, the Columbia river shimmers with an amber glow of reflected sunrise as the far bank is obscured in a dark morning mist.

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Sunrise over the Columbia River #2 by Dawna Morton

Nestled among the forest silhouettes, the masonic lodge and a church steeple stand in subdued silence as the golden sunrise lights up the cloudy Oregon sky above the Columbia river.

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Sunrise Over the Columbia River #3 by Dawna Morton

Brilliantly the sun shines from behind darkened clouds in an early morning sky as it rises over the Columbia River. The Masonic Lodge and a church steeple nestle sleepily among the Oregon forest in Rainier, as the river flows shining in the golden sunlight toward the pacific ocean, and the opposite shore of Kelso and Longview, Washington is obscured in a hazy mist.

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Sunrise Over the Columbia River #4 by Dawna Morton

The Columbia River shines radiantly in the sunrise as it flows tranquilly towards the pacific ocean bordered by dark silhouettes of evergreen trees standing like sentinels on the Oregon shore and mist shrouded mountains beyond in Washington.

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Sunrise Over the Columbia River #5 by Dawna Morton

As the sun rises over the Columbia river, a masonic lodge and church steeple rise above the forest of the surrounding hills in Rainier, Oregon. Silvery gray and luminescent white in the early morning light, the clouds blanket the pacific northwest sky.

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The other morning when the sun was shining blindingly through the shades as the sun rose, I peeked out the window at the sunrise and ran for my camera, taking these photos right through the window screen. This left a cross hatch pattern on the photos, and in retrospect I think it would have been better to remove the screen first because it was not possible to edit it out. In a few of them it gives the slight impression of rain though and I like that. I did have to edit out some large and rather unsightly power lines. when my pc crashed recently I was not able to reinstall one of the photo editing programs I used to use (photoimpression5) because the disk had warped. Although I use picassa  for such features at their retouch and some of the effects such as sharpen and soft focus, it does not have a “smudge” feature–which is one of the things I usually used photoimpression5 for. Luckily on Zazzle’s blog they had recently done an article on inexpensive, or free,  alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop–which I don’t have because it is prohibitively expensive at the moment.  One of the program’s they recommended was, so I decided to give it a try. At first I was disappointed because I did not see a smudge feature, but then noticed there are a variety of patches that can be added. One of them included a smudge feature and so far I am very happy with it. On areas like the clouds, the  retouch feature on picassa is pretty good at removing the power lines, but at the edges or near the trees and buildings smudge is essential to remove the dark color of the power lines before using  retouch to smooth things out and in some cases to replace the crosshatch pattern of the screen to make it match the rest of the photo. Then in some of them I liked the soft focus effect to soften out the screen pattern a bit. All in all they are lovely photos.

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