Last month I was on my way to pick my son up from an after school activity, and the moon was so beautiful I stopped and took some pictures on the way. It seemed to loom larger than usual in the sky, full with visible craters.  The sky was just beginning to change colors for sunset, and the clouds were an array of soft lavender and pink. Unfortunately, even with my zoom lens it was not possible to catch the size and scale of the moon in the sky. In most of the shots The moon ended up appearing as a bright orb–rather than showing all the craters as it had when seen with a naked eye; however, I was able to go back in and edit the shadows in some of the photos to bring it them back out. Below is one of my favorites of the ones I took that evening:

The moon lights up misty clouds with translucent white light in a stormy looking purplish sky above Longview, Washington. Surrounded by mountain ranges which disappearing into distant haze, the city lights blaze like dots of fire along the banks of the Columbia River. Seen through the forest on the hills of Rainier, Oregon the river flows thought the Columbia River Gorge towards the sea as the dusk begins to deepen into night.

In this digitally altered photograph, a dryad appears like an apparition of peripheral vision raising twig-like hands towards the moon through the purple clouds in the pink twilight sky.

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