This morning as I was dropping  kids off at school late, I saw a sight so beautiful it made me feel like kicking myself for not having my camera. Luckily I DID have my cell phone on me; so, I was at least able to get some pictures. These are so beautiful. I wish I’d had my good camera on me to get a higher resolution since the difference between 2 megapixel and 3 is NOT small.

Misty Morning Sun #1

Misty Morning Sun #1

The light layer of fog and clouds makes the trees fade away to nothing in the distance and creates a golden glow around the sun in the sky.

Misty Morning Sun #2

Misty Morning Sun #2

Sunlight shimmers on the silvery gray mist above the trees.

Misty Morning Sun #3

Misty Morning Sun #3

Like yin and yang the shadowy dark forest creates opposition to the bright glowing sunrise in the sky.  In this last picture the barely visible traces of the modern world are juxtaposed against the beauty of nature. These are available for sale as greeting cards, post cards, and small prints at Zazzle (please ignore the “Z” watermark here, it will NOT be on the actual prints–it’s embedded in the link by Zazzle to deter theft) All Rights Reserved. DO NOT COPY IN ANY FORM. You are of course welcome to share a link to this with anyone 😉

While I was designing this postcard I realized that the zoom feature on my blackberry phone is not a true zoom. It essentially just crops the image, giving you the illusion of zooming in when you look at it on your phone, but in reality giving you a smaller image in pixels. 😦

I do like how this post card turned out though. The golden colored background complements the glowing haze surrounding the sun in my photo, and I was able to create a kind of poetic frame around it: Beautiful rainy, misty, mossy, dank, damp, wet. drip drop drizzle gray, cloudy, overcast with chance of sun, lush verdant green rainforest can you see the forest for the trees in the middle of the rain? Oregon.

misty morning sun #2 postcard
misty morning sun #2 by dlmtleArt
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