Over the 4th of July my family went fishing at Gnat Creek. My part of the fishing trip was, as usual to take lots and lots of reference photos 🙂 . I noticed some really tiny little white wildflowers next to a splotchy mottled rock. It was pretty in the sunlight. I took a couple of close up photos for use later.

A couple days ago I went to a friends house to have an “art day.” Although I did look at the photos briefly to refresh my memory, I chose to put them away and paint entirely from memory. This was much more fun than trying to paint photographically, freeing me up to be more creative and play with compositional changes.

I went with purple for the shadows, and an impressionistic green and purple background. A touch of yellow highlights and also some yellow to warm up the rock tie things together. I limited the palette to brown, purple, green, yellow, and white. The purple flowers in the background were added on a bit of a whim. (Yeah, I have a weakness for purple 😉 ) splattering in paint on different area of the wet rock to create the splotchy texture was really enjoyable too. The finished painting is 9×12″


Here are the reference photos. Notice the really interesting pattern on the rock. It makes a lovely background. I’m particularly fond of the close up shot. It has a good contrast between the warm tones of the rock and the cool colors of the flowers.



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