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Here is my next installment of Early Morning Sun Rays Photos. I hope you enjoy them. If you like these pictures you may also enjoy part 1 and part 2.

Early Morning Sun Rays #29 print

The early morning sun rays light up the forest with their heavenly glow. The forest is tranquil and subdued in the early morning light.

Early Morning Sun Rays #16 print

An early morning in the forest when there is a light layer of mist hanging in the air, and the sun’s rays stream visibly though the trees, creates an atmospheric optic of the shadow of one of the tree trunks angling diagonally downward through the fog on the right hand side of this photo.

Early Morning Sun Rays # 17 print

Early morning sun rays illuminate the forest with a heavenly glow. In this photo the dark silhouettes of trees and foliage create an optical illusion of a face in the brightly lit fog.  It reminds me of Christ with long hair and a beard.

early morning sun rays #20 print

Thick vines of old ivy climb up on an older tree as the early morning sun rays glow amongst the younger saplings in the distance.

Early Morning Sunrays #23 print

Beyond the ivy covered trees, at the bottom of the hill, the fern covered forest floor basks in the morning sunlight.

Early Morning Sunrays #24 print

A sunny view of the forest floor at the bottom of a very steep tree covered hill. We refer to it fondly as the ravine when we are trying to get into or just as difficult back out of it 😉

Early Morning Sunrays #27 print

In this photo, young saplings  lean towards each other in the early morning fog, flanked on either side by older stronger trees grown over with ivy.
For some reason this reminds me of a book cover or a bookmark . I love the way the patterns and shapes all fit together, as well as the icy colors created by the fog.

There is a variety of evergreen trees here. We have quite a few fir or pine trees, as well as a good number of cedar and maple. Interspersed sparingly are some holly. We have ivy everywhere and climbing up everything. Ivy is not native to Oregon, but for some reason we have it climbing up all the trees at my house. I plan on borrowing some goats, who love to eat ivy (yay 🙂 ), seeing as I don’t want to weed 1/4 acre worth of forest by hand. I have a hard enough time keeping up with every thing else I’m doing (such as getting the garden ready to plant and keeping up with the other 1/4 acre of yard).

Aside from the ivy, the other issue that needs to be addressed, although thankfully enough, not apparent in these photos, is the garbage that people have dumped down there over the years. Most of the time the Ivy covers everything so it’s not visible, but around February and March the ivy has died back enough that I can see it all 😦 . I went down there last week and spent quite some time hauling up buckets of bricks, broken bottles, scrap metal, and several tires. It hardly made a dent in what is down there. I am trying not to get discouraged and apply Flylady’s principle of  “I can do anything for 15 minutes.”  It was exhausting hauling the tires up my steep ravine. They were only about 5 feet down there, but you would not believe how heavy they felt trying to push, pull, shove, roll, flip and basically wrangle them up that hill. I was worn out enough that I did only one tire on one day and the other several days later.

On the long term what I would love to do is to make some hiking trails down there for the kids (and myself too of course ). It’s going to be a long and slow process, but it will be worth it. Hopefully I can find some native plants that will provide good ground cover and keep the hill from eroding, without being invasive like the ivy.

I’ll be posting updates as I continue to make progress. In the mean time please enjoy some more photos in part 4…

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