light in my Forest#1As a side hobby to my artwork, I take lots of photos so I can have good reference pictures for later.
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light in my Forest#4 These are a series of photos of the light in my forest. We live on almost half an acre with a lovely spot of forested ravine which leads down to a creek. I love the different effects of the light through out the day. Whenever I look out the window and see how beautifully the light strikes the trees deep in the woods, I want to grab my camera and run. Once in light in my Forest#8a while I make it out there before the light changes and manage to snap some pictures. I took most of these in October 2007. I love the one with the clump of yellow leaves all by itself in the photo at the lower left.

light in my Forest#3One of the things I wish I had pictures of is the view from my back deck down into the forest, when the”helicopters” from all the maple trees are falling. The first autumn we lived in this house the wind was blowing and it was a truly blustery day. With the leaves spinning in their downwardly spiraling dance and the helicopters whirling in the wind it was an almost magical experience. It reminded me of light in my Forest#9dancing wood nymphs joyfully flitting about on the wind in a symphony of chaotic motion. I plan on doing a painting of that one someday (I just have too many other projects in the works right now to get going on that one yet). A photo would not do it justice, and A video camera is not something I own. It is definitely a sight worth sitting and watching for awhile and I look forward to it each fall.

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